Fabulous French

Our favourite part of the week is when Madame Hewson comes into our class to teach us French. We have been working really hard since September learning how to say different greetings, counting up to 12 and singing lots of exciting songs.

After our Christmas holidays we started learning the french words for lots of different colours and Madame Hewson has been challenging us to find different things in our classroom that show us the colours but she always asks us in french to test us and so far we have shown how amazing we are by always knowing the correct colour name.


Mondrian collages

Today with Mrs Nardini and Mrs Young we learned all about the artist Mondrian and the three primary colours. Then as part of our collage unit we created our own Mondrian inspired collages. Miss Davidson sadly missed our art lesson but was so impressed when she saw our amazing creations.

Nature Collages

We started our new art topic today, we are going to be learning all about collage. We learned about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and how he uses natural objects to make his collages. We went outside to collect all of our resources and as it was so windy we brought everything inside so that that wind did not spoil our wonderful creations.

Smoothie Making

After tasting and designing our smoothies it was time to make them. We had to work very carefully because we used a sharp knife to cut the fruit, then Mrs Young helped us to blend our smoothies together. Then we had to taste them, some of us loved our smoothies and some of us did not.

Smoothie Tasting

In DT we are going to be making our own smoothie. Today we evaluated smoothies that we can buy at the shops to decide what we liked and what we didn’t like. Lots of us loved the different smoothies, some of us still need a bit of convincing that smoothies are tasty.

This week in Year 1

What a busy week we have had in year 1!

We have been looking at Kipper’s Toybox in English and have been writing sentences to retell the story. It was very important to remember our sentence rules – our sentences must start with a capital letter and end with a full stop and we have to use finger spaces between our words.

In maths we have been counting backwards from 10 and working out what 1 less of a number is. It was tricky to work through but we were all persevering parrots and kept going until we found the correct number.

We also looked at what skills we need to be a good geographer and learned more about David Attenborough and how he is a good geographer.

What a busy week!

We have had a busy week in Year 1. We have been practicing our maths skills counting forwards within 10 and identifying 1 more in a pattern. We also have been impressing Madame Hewson with our French knowledge, we remembered how to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘what is your name?’ and ‘my name is’ in French. This week we also started to learn about the colours of the French flag. In English we started our new book, ‘Kipper’s Toybox’ and we are excited to do some more writing about Kipper and his missing toys.